False Blood

I cut my wrists today


I cut my wrists this morning. I had to let go of the false blood within me, of the lies and untruths coursing through my veins, making their way to my blackened heart, passing through my charcoaled lungs, and again spreading through my body — a stronger set of lies than had come. By nightfall I was entirely drained, a lifeless husk of the being I was. And somehow, despite my closeness to death, too the fringe of the other side, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time; peace.

By enigma_dean


Will you help me write this rhyme?

Will you help me write this rhyme
A word or two will do just fine
All I ask is a bit of time
To create something more than a line

It helps to know you’re there
To aid my humble trade
To stave off moments of despair
That come with each blockade

Who knew a sonnet could be the key
The boon to my times of nil
And now I’m filled with lasting glee
For my quill now is never still

So thank you for playing your part
This verse is now a work of art

By enigma_dean


…in this tempest I’ll seek to transform

The winds of fate have stirred up a tide
One that tossed my life amiss
Unable to take hold on any side
My life, once earnest, is now remiss

As if these travails were not enough
Woe upon woe followed my misfortune
My being, the victim of a malefic wrath
Doomed never to see a time opportune

Yet amidst the blizzards of calamity
Hope’s embers in me never did extinguish
And while my lot was certainly a thing to pity
It would not mark my ultimate finish

For if truly it’s calmest at the eye of the storm
Then in this tempest I’ll seek to transform

By enigma_dean

Amazing artwork by ig artist @sparksflyidraw


The hours after midnight

The city lights dim
And so do my eyes
I seek out the serenity of sleep

An hour after midnight
I try to close my thoughts
And drift into the void
Into the somnolent abyss

Two hours after midnight
How have I not slept a wink?
The night is still; the city even stiller
Yet I cannot find that dreamy solace

It’s hours after midnight
There’s pounding in my head
My eyes fill up with sleepless blood
I resign to my fate; I am an insomniac

By enigma_dean


Was guilted into writing a poem on friendship by a friend.

Dear friend,
It matters not the distance between us
It matters not that the days drag on without end
And while the topics are few that we now discuss
This friendship of ours will surely be without end

Dear comrade,
The times are hard
The world is now an even harsher one
If ever your life is shattered to the last shard
Remember then that you have a friend in at least one

Dear brother/sister,
Though by blood we may not be linked
This watery nexus of ours is certainly tried
And though life’s whims may attempt to render this chain unlinked
It shall find a bond greater than any that was ever tied

For if ever the time should arise
When you must invoke this bond of ours
Know now that even my bones would rise
To honour your call no matter the hour
Because even in death our friendship would prevail

By enigma_dean

Art by ig artist @flowsofly

Dedicated to Melody